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Who is MV2 anyways?

Maurice Victor II

That's where MV2 comes from! I grew up in Sarasota, FL where my passion for photo/video first started. What gives me joy in filmmaking and photography is the ability to tell stories and bring the vision of a camera to our lives. Whether it's to tell the story of a couple or the story of a product for a brand, I love to craft media that captivates an audience and tells that story. I also value relationships. There's more to it than just a transaction between client and MV2; it's the spark of a new friendship and connection that will hopefully last a long time. I've collaborated on projects with Maverick City Music, Nike Basketball Camps, Michelle Williams, Elevation & more--I am ready to bring your vision to life.

Let's get in touch!

Got my first camera in time to start college. Used it throughout my time there to create content for various sports teams (women’s basketball, tennis, lacrosse) and some freelance work.

Graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors in Strategic Communications. This included taking classes on videography, marketing strategy and social media communication and strategy.

Landed a job with a creative agency, post graduation. Joined as a Creative Director with responsibilities of project management, social strategy, and videography/editing. Later transitioned into a role with University of Pittsburgh Women’s Basketball as Director of Creative Content.

Finally made the jump to full-time freelancing, so that I can pursue everything I want to be a part of. Excited to continue to find my specific voice and help elevate the brands and stories of those I get to work with!